Threads – a Mobile Sewing Circle

Threads is a travelling exhibition where people are invited to embroider SMS by hand and with an embroidery machine connected to a mobile phone with bespoke software.

Threads has its background in the project stitching together that we conceptualised in 2006 and has been further developed in a collaboration between by the Swedish Travelling Exhibitions, Vi Unga (a youth-led organization for leadership, democracy and entrepreneurship), the National Federation of Rural Community Centres and Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan (a national organisation arranging study circles) and Malmö University. Together we have worked with setting up an emergent network in Sweden in order for Threads to travel.

To make Threads travel we have among other things designed two blue boxes that contain the things that travel with Threads, and which can be fitted into the trunk of a car. We have also hosted educational sewing circles where we hand over some responsibilities to local hosts, who can take Threads to, for example, their rural community centre.

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