aluma“I am so angry with you, because you say so many relevant things!”

This SMS was embroidered and published in the magazine Aluma in 2009. It was the invitation to collaboratively compose a feuilleton based on participants’ text messages.

å+k worked at Gallery KRETS with passers-by to embroider their SMS.

The researchers and artists Margareta Melin and Johanna Rosenqvist joined us for a patchwork seminar, open to the public, to discuss editorial boards and sewing circles as historical, professional and artistic practices of storytelling, collaboration, production and power. During the seminar each of the four authors of this paper placed text-patches on the floor, and invited the participants of the seminar to do the same.

Together with the public the same night we formed an editorial sewing circle where we negotiated the final version of the feuilleton. What was decided in the editorial process, was also published as an incomplete patchwork of text messages in Aluma.

Starting with the same SMS we also invited to a feuilleton to unravel at Ronneby kulturcentrum as part of our exhibition Pick up the Thread in 2009