stitching together

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMost of us have text messages in our mobile phones that we do not want to throw away. They are connected to places, situations and people we love, hate, miss and in any case have a relation to.

In stitching together we invite you and other text message-users to share text messages and transform them into tangible and physical text messages made out of thread and fabric. We want to make it possible for you to make these intimate, digital treasures longer lasting and stitch together different techniques, different speeds, people of different ages and different usage of communication channels.

In practice, in stitching togetherwe offer the public to forward one of their private text messages to us and in return they will get their message stitched in fabric. This will be done by hand or by an automatic sewing machine programmed for this specific purpose. To make these stories connect we will make a quilt out of fragments of the text messages.

stitching together started off as part of [ordlekar], an artistic research project at the Interactive Institute, studio [12-21].