In Sweden there is a tradition of giving glass objects as gifts. They are often given on specific occasions such as graduation, birthdays or when moving to a new apartment and are therefore symbols of transitions in life. In [glasrörd] we explore the rituals around gift-giving in relation to the importance of the given object itself.

We visited seven young people in their homes and asked to tell us personal stories about their glass gifts. The objects were then wrapped again and exhibited at the Swedish Glass Museum   in Växjö, Sweden, together with the stories. To be able to hear the stories the visitors had to touch the object.

At the museum and on a web page the visitors could make a bid on their favourite object by telling a story about something they were willing to exchange. At the end of the exhibition an auction and the physical exchange were taking place – if the original owner were willing to let go of his or her gift.

During the exhibition we held two workshops called Design Relay Race. 

[glassrörd] is a combined research and art project at the Interactive Institute, studio [12-21].