Bild 022[säjfa] was a part of the group exhibition SAFE at Kartskrona Art Gallery 2005. The idea for the SAFE project was influenced by Karlskrona, a city of military and defence, and showed different artistic interpretations of safety.
In [säjfa] we played with personal secrets and allowed people to exchange secrets through SMS. The project started with a workshop where we shared secrets and explored different aspects of secrets. When and why do you tell a secret? To whom do you tell your secret? Do we feel safer telling a secret to a stranger? What happens when you tell a secret? Does it stop being a secret?

Then posters with a phone number were put up in the town to encourage others to participate in the exchange of secrets. When you sent an SMS with your secret you got someone else’s secret back. The secrets were also displayed in the museum.

[säjfa]was a collaboration between the Interactive Institute, studio [12-21]