[ljudstråk] is a library of audio walks, available to the public. With headphones in your ears you can walk in the traces of stories told by young people from Ljungby, Sweden. When you press play the young voice will guide you through an extraordinary ordinary walk in the town. You can hear about pretending to be a rough-sleeper at the square, about a drunk business man that makes a move on you when you are with your friends in the park, about having ice-cream in the middle of the winter because the ad says that you can have summer whenever you want to.

Every audio walk starts at the Museum of Legends , Sagomuseet, in Ljungby, just like the project itself started off with the tradition of oral storytelling in this region, Sagobygden.

Our aim is to make young people’s voices heard and make visitors participate in a collaborative storytelling. During your walk the storytellers will ask you questions connected to their anecdotes and you will be asked to send text messages.

[ljudstråk] is a combined research and art project at the Interactive Institute, studio [12-21].