Mobile Mining

“I wont’ give you my mobile phone – there’s too much gold in it!”, a man said as we were collecting discarded mobile phones in an area in northern Sweden where mining has been ongoing for centuries. Tensions have yet again arisen recently around whose life is cared for when new mines are prospected, for example, between the slow life of the metals, the ones using grazing areas where transportation infrastructure cuts through and the ones basing their welfare on the mines.

The mobile mining that we engaged in during a 48 hours Art Hack event is just another instantiation of the mining for liveable lives that take place all over the world – by immigrants without documents in Spain, by chemicals, by bacterias, by mining companies that have exchanged underground mining for e-waste, and by domestic entrepreneurs that try to make a fortune out of their own trashed mobile devices.

Kristina Lindström
Nicklas Marelius
Åsa Ståhl