Seminar on Gender, Design and Pedagogy

A handful of researchers and teachers in higher education from across Sweden will gather 17-18 December in Malmö to explore what feminst design teaching in higher education is already – if it even exists at all – and could be – if it was worth pursuing. This symposium is an attempt at finding a direction; a point of departure from which to continue examining, inspiring, being inspired, and troubling feminism design and teaching in higher education.

It takes the form of an exchange of experiences and imaginaries including a hands-on workshop in feminism, design and teaching through a cooking course on the evening of 17th December with Zeenath Hasan at Tapori Tiffins.

Christina Mörtberg, Linneaus University
Pirjo Elovaara, Blekinge Institute of Technology
Kerstin Gustavsson, Blekinge Institute of Technology
Linda Paxling, Blekinge Institute of Technology
Kristina Lindström, Malmö University
Åsa Ståhl, Malmö University

Special guests: Zeenath Hasan and Lisa Nyberg

Location: Mitt Möllan, Claesgatan 8, Malmö